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Celebrate ALL week on socials - do one, or all, OR create your own!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Check out the daily ideas suggested below!  Do take action in this time-sensitive celebration; use this easy SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT - it's ready to help you post!  To help YOU promote!  Here below are engaging themes your agency can use to celebrate Head Start during our entire Happy Birthday Week .. please use these hashtags: #HappyBirthdayHeadStart   #PoweredByHeadStart   #ILHeadStart  

Post them all in advance to share and remind YOUR communities that our 59th Birthday is a BIG DEAL!   It has been for millions of children across the country.  So this week, let us all show support for the next 59 years!

These themes will help YOU create a sense of excitement and engagement among your Head Start and Early Head Start teams. 

Help celebrate the significant impact of our Head Start programs across Illinois!  

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