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with YOUR agency’s most current wage and benefit input.

Wage Database Main Menu — take a PEEK here — don’t miss out!

Having everyone’s most current data serves to maintain the MOST VALUE from this IHSA service.

Your agency’s access to this Support Service helps YOU with compliance of a federal mandate.

FREE to members (a fee for non-members) .. see Wage & Benefits brochure for pricing value


Complete your Wage & Benefit data entries (into current Excel worksheet below), and then email it to <>.
After we have successfully uploaded your agency’s worksheet onto the IHSA shared website database, your agency login credentials will then be emailed.
* Use this current Excel Worksheet for your agency’s wage and benefit data entries.
* Find your Agency ID listed on this Agency Directory tab.
* Enter data only within the three red tabs — do not adjust anything else within that form (otherwise it will not upload cleanly).
* For salary/wage, enter ONLY dollar amount. Please do NOT use “NA” or “n/a” .. if no dollar amount available for any given cell, just leave that cell blank.


After emailing your filled-in excel worksheet (for us to input onto shared database), expect a reply with your agency’s special login credentials.
The most current database instructions will accompany your new login credentials (normally, within the same week).
Should you have any question, please let us know.

We thank you for your participation. 
We trust you shall find these reports helpful!
[For security purposes, IHSA may conduct annual password updates.  If so, each agency director will be emailed the new password and a date when previous password expires.]