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with your agency’s most current Wage and Benefit input. 

Has it been almost a year (or more!) since you have sent in YOUR data?  If so, then ..

Here’s your FIRST step:

~  Begin entering your agency’s wage and benefit data onto THIS current Excel spreadsheet  worksheet  ~
[Always use the current Excel spreadsheet link above]
~   Find your Agency ID number listed on this Agency ID Directory tab  ~
[Do not adjust anything “pre-set” within that form, otherwise we will be unable to fully upload your worksheet]
~  Only enter data onto the three RED tabs provided  ~
~   For salary/wage, enter ONLY dollar amounts  ~
[If zero amount applies for any given cell, do NOT enter “NA” nor “n/a” then just leave cell blank]

.. and here is your LAST step:

~  Save and name your NEW worksheet anything you wish, but send a copy to:  ~
[We take and upload your agency’s worksheet onto the IHSA Shared Database; you’d be contacted if any data is unclear]
~  LOOK for your agency’s login credentials and latest instructions to be sent (normally, within 7 to 10 days)  ~
[Those items will always be sent to same email address you provide on your LATEST worksheet]

For comparison reports, etc., you will also receive a special password to download actual IHSA Shared Database.

Wage Database Main Menu — take a PEEK here — don’t miss out!
Having everyone’s most current data serves to maintain the MOST VALUE from this IHSA service.
Your agency’s access to this Support Service helps YOU with compliance of a federal mandate.
FREE to members (a fee for non-members) .. see Wage & Benefits brochure for pricing value
We thank you for your participation.  We trust you shall find these reports helpful.
[For security, IHSA may update passwords.  If deemed necessary, each agency director would be emailed new password and a date when previous password expires.]