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  Dollar Per Child Fundraising  

Our most recent Member Agency with

grrreat $2 campaign concepts that work, is . .             drum roll please . .

~  Outstanding Fundraiser _____ (agency name)  ~

~ Their 2018 raised to-date funds now total $xxx!!! ~

Use your NHSA toolkit, or borrow ideas listed below, as shall accumulate throughout year. 

(to be uploaded upon receipt from the agency)

As you know, this not only is an important topic for the children themselves, but it is also about the

heartfelt involvement by agency staff, parents, caregivers, and our tremendous community partners.

Do check back from time to time and see what other member agencies have been up to!

 # # #


So mail your $2 Per Child checks to:
Illinois Head Start Association
3435 Liberty Drive
Springfield, IL 62704

Or, simply pay by credit card: