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Spotlighting Innovative Bright Practices

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The IHSA Innovative Bright Practices is a place where we will spotlight innovative ideas from the Head Start and Early Head Start community.  These innovative practices will offer our community an opportunity to see, listen and learn about bright ideas happening across our state.  Our hope is that it might stimulate or “plant a seed” from where you can take an idea and make it your own.  To submit an idea for this area please click HERE. Innovation is key to our professional success..

Spotlight of the Month!

Click the blue person to learn about our February 2020 Bright Practice from Wabash Area Development, Inc. 

Click on the blue lightning bolt tab above to watch the Quincy Public School Head Start Video.

Click on the blue video camera tab above to watch the video created by the Chicago Department of Family Support Services and IHSA.

Click on the blue folder tab above to access past innovative bright practice spotlights.

Featured Bright Practice

Learn about the new things that Wabash Area Development, Inc. have been doing HERE.

Bright Practice

First video was created by the Quincy Public Schools Head Start program to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Head Start.


Bright Practice

The second video, created by the Chicago Department of Family Support Services and IHSA, to promote positive public relations.

Past Innovative Bright Practice Spotlights

Access Archives – HERE

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